The Winner's Curse and Other Popular Posts, May Edition

As a former newspaper copy editor and headline writer, I can always empathize with headlines that somehow miss the mark. I wish I'd collected all the boners I made myself back then.


If that erection lasts more than 4 hours, they should seek medical help, Cialis says.

The real question is why they would make this a story at all...who cares?!?!?!

That's actually a great headline, leaving the reader hungry for more.

I got into the newspaper business
because I'd been told I have a
"good face for radio" but couldn't get a job there.
Sounds like a great way for hospitals to reduce their re-admission stats.


Raising the minimum wage to zero

Raising the minimum wage is cruel

Why not a MAXIMUM wage instead of MINIMUM wage?

Minimum wage is just a money-laundering tax

Can dogs cry?

"Wrapped up like a douche" ...Songs We Get Wrong

The upside of being wrong

What detergent and prostitutes have in common

Steve's Lazy-man Sweet Potato Recipe: Delicious -- and Dangerous

Parents release teen driver's dying text: "Seeya Soon, ill tw " ....

Framing your daily expenses: The $58,000 cup of coffee

The Winner's Curse

Other Popular Posts

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