Criticism: The best gift a boss can give

Positive feedback is like peeing your pants.......

In personal pursuits like golf, triathlons, weightlifting, etc.,  we tend to be very self-critical, even when no one will know if you were 30 seconds off your pace for your daily treadmill session, but you'll beat yourself up for it.

We're no so keen on accepting criticism from others. But it is the only feedback that makes you better. I had two bosses: One hated confrontation and negativity; great fun to work for but taught me nothing. Another boss was nitpicky and critical about the strangest things. But he pointed out so many blind spots that I never knew I had. I learned more from him than from any other experience, and I respect him much  more than the "nice guy" boss.

What good is positive feedback? It does no harm,'s like peeing your pants -- it makes you feel all warm for a minute but accomplishes nothing.

The "big picture lesson that he taught me: Criticism shows that the boss cares; listen and heed it; they are going out of the comfort zone to help you improve. They are doing you a huge favor.


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Steve Cebalt, Highview LLC

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