What's the price for sex this Valentine's Day?


Ever since reading "Freakonomics," I've looked at the world the way a behavioral economist might. So this is a fascinating time of year.  The Beatles said money can't buy you love, but that's not true, it can: You just have to spend more than $126.03 (see chart below).

If you watch sports on TV, the Valentine's Day ads are aimed at men, and they all have the same message: If you give her the gift being advertised, you will get sex. It's not a  subtle romantic message, it's very overt. "Give her this, and you get sex."

But as you'll see, the economics of Valentine's Day is complicated...

So, let's break it down:

  • An expensive diamond from Jared's ("He went to Jared's"): Sex virtually guaranteed, but you'll still be paying on that diamond on your charge card NEXT Valentine's Day. Expensive! And she may have dumped you by then. Let's explore alternatives.
  • A diamond from Kay Jewelers: Sex unlikely. Just a kiss. ("Every kiss begins with K"). You should have gone to Jared's. Rookie mistake, and an epic, expensive fail.
  • Flowers: Don't do it! No sex for you, unless you outdo every other guy in the office. If you send her a dozen roses and another guy she knows sends his partner two dozen, you come up short, and no sex for you.
  • Chocolates: No sex, maybe never again. "Don't you know I'm watching my weight? Don't you KNOW ME AT ALL!!"
  • Dinner and drinks at an expensive restaurant: Likelihood of sex is strongly correlated to the volume of wine or cocktails she drinks. Odds: Good if she's a drinker and if you don't drink too much!
  • A rose in a plastic cylinder from the Stop & Go gas station, plus some scratch-off lottery tickets. Oddly, this is highly likely to lead to sex, because you are a jerk and your woman tolerates you; she's set the bar very low, and so have you.  Nicely played!
  • A hooker and carry-out pizza. Cost varies to fit your budget; pick your price and quality level. 100% of costs are directly invested in sex (except the pizza), so there is no waist. Sex guaranteed.

I can't tell you which choice is right for you. But in case you think I am exaggerating, maybe you've seen the ad for flowers where a woman says, "The roses were gorgeous; he made all the other husbands look pretty bad." (Direct quote). That's what you want to do; make every other guy in her world look bad. Sex on Valentine's Day is a zero-sum game; for every winner, there is a loser.

So the strategy is to either pay enough to trump the other guys, or concede and save your money and not throw it away on a lost cause. Write her a poem or a song instead. Women hate that, but they really can't fault you for it, and it's free. If she's not well-read, just crib one off the Internet and put your name on it.  And enjoy the evening watching sports on TV.

Note: The chart is PER CONSUMER. Which explains why other sources put the cost at twice the figure shown in the chart. Invest wisely!

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