Highview Public Relations Grows, Expands its Creative Services with Fort Wayne Art Shop Opening this Spring

From: Steve Cebalt, Highview Public Relations, Fort Wayne

Are you interested in certain artists? Perhaps local ones...or even your talented friends and associates?

I am currently buying art for a new Fort Wayne art store. Highview PR is extending its creative services to a new endeavor: A retail shop for affordable home décor Art and Collectibles, to be located in Pine Valley Shopping Center, opening this spring. Our PR business offices will move into new space within the shop.

We would welcome your input now! Highview will buy, sell and trade affordable home décor art -- from wall décor to multimedia works from crafted jewelry, textile works, photography, sculpture, digital art, ceramic, glass, quilts, baskets and more.

We'll also buy, sell and trade "collectables." Right now I am buying Van Briggle pottery to build a thriving market in this one-of-a-kind collectible, as well as antique Ball Mason Jars made in Muncie, Indiana.

A unique feature of the Fort Wayne art store -- and what makes it different from other Fort wayne art stores --  is that it creates the first-of-its-kind way to cash in on your existing home decor art. For each of your old pieces that you bring in on trade, you'll get immediate 30% value on the purchase of any new piece, on a one-for-one basis, with no limit on the number of trade-ins.

The store, "Highview Arts & Collectibles" is now sourcing its initial collection. Tell us what specific artists or art forms you enjoy, and also tell us if YOU have items you'd like us to consider for sale in the store. REPLY to this post via e-mail, and we will try to work your interests into our mix. Indicate whether you'd like to receive an announcement when the shop opens.

The new Fort Wayne art store store will be a vibrant market for affordable home art -- it's not another "fine art" gallery -- I am not opening a museum, but a friendly retail store selling a one-of-a-kind collection of art for the home -- an affordable selection that you won't find anywhere else. Just nice things for nice homes, like yours.

Highview Public Relations has always thrived on creative expression, in solving complex problems for clients, in writing, and in graphic art. We think having our PR business offices housed in the new Highview Art and Collectibles Shop will provide us with daily inspiration to keep our fires burning for years to come.

Best regards,

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